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Aug 23 2006

The classic bad dream

Today was the first day to report for work at our schools. I woke up at 7 a.m. on the dot. Plenty of time to shower and get ready (~15 min) and then check my email, etc. It’s my normal morning routine; I like going at a non-frenetic pace. I left my apartment at 8:06,…

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This past Wednesday was the first in-service day for St. Louis Public Schools. I’m returning a positive review of the first two days. First, I want to say that the Teach for America gang stuck out like bright green new sprouts in a field full of teachers. All of us showed up, “professional dress” as…

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Aug 13 2006

I am employed, my employer is leaving

I received an excited email on Friday from my program director. I am officially placed at Long Middle Community Education Center Academy, a middle school in the St. Louis Public Schools system. This ends several months of waiting and, more recently, procrastinating for fear that I would not end up there. In a twist, I…

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Aug 07 2006

Signed, Sealed, to be Delivered

Today the lot of us went to a St. Louis Public Schools orientation for new teachers. Um. Great. I’ll leave it at that. In exciting news, though, the school district did come through and deliver a contract to each Teach for America member. This was exciting as none of the other “off the street” hires…

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I’ve just arrived home after my concluding session of orientation week for Teach for America. My journey to this day started on May 18 when I left my home to come to St. Louis for the first time on site visit. Since that point, we’ve been visited, oriented, instituted and indoctrinated every way imaginable. But,…

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Jul 28 2006

Why I don’t officially have a job

For those of you who I’m not in regular contact with, a little background info is necessary before we continue: I don’t officially have a job. Teach for America does not actually employ me. The school district will. Luckily, I do have a principal that wants to hire me and at whose school I’m planning…

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Jul 26 2006

What wasn’t in the transition guide

Ok. So TFA is all about providing plenty of helpful guides, information, etc. I’ve realized though, that no matter how much info I’ve received, nothing prepared me for the challenge of setting up my apartment — my first apartment. This is really a challenge on two fronts. The first is logistical. The other is motivational.…

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