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I received an email tonight from one of the members of my 12-person learning group. She wanted to call this upcoming week of Institute “Friday Week.” Her theory was that, in the same way getting to Friday — the fifth day — has some magical, uplifting, energizing quality, so too should getting to the fifth…

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Jul 02 2007

One Year Later: Week 3 from Atlanta

In my attempt to keep in touch, here comes week 3′s installment. First, Wednesday of this past week marked the official 50% mark of my Institute experience. On Thursday, though the schedule showed an afternoon of workshops, we actually got out of school at 1 pm for TFA Day — that’s Totally Free Afternoon day.…

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Alright, this week, it will be amazingly short compared to my chapter book published last week. This week we got our classrooms. I teach on a team of four people. I’m teaching algebra and such. The only problem is that I’m not getting much teaching done because my kids are having a really hard time…

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What is this? I’m reposting my emails (exactly to the day) sent to family and friends during my summer 2006 Institute experience in Atlanta. TeachFor.Us didn’t exist at the time — hence the title. For some of you, this will be a trip down memory lane. For my hundreds of current readers, I hope you…

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