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Oct 03 2006

Conspiracy to commit teacher transfer

Sometimes things seem to fall into place in odd ways. Other times, it seems like things are being guided into place in odd ways. I think that my transfer was an example of the second. On Friday, I was sad. I was bummed. I was all the normal things that would happen when you get…

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Sep 29 2006

Taking a look at the big picture

My entire classroom was killed off in 2 hours. All posters, staplers, file holders, construction paper and everything else packed into my Nissan Sentra, which still has a flat tire. Saying goodbye to the students was sad. I’m glad that I, as team leader, just decided that we would have a town-hall meeting to inform…

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Sep 29 2006

I’m out

As I stop for a minute to write this, I’m packing up Room 212 at Long Middle School. Man, I have a lot of stuff. I don’t know where I’ll be going next — well at least not in the way of teaching. Literally, I know. All my coworkers are waiting for me at a…

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Sep 28 2006

F is for Flexibility

Througout my Teach for America training, the need for flexibility has been stressed. But, in my few short weeks on the job, no week has tried me more than this one on the point of being flexible. The sound of music This past Sunday, I had planned it all out. I was going to head…

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Sep 28 2006

The short version

Ok. This week has been really trying. I just finished writing a REALLY long, detailed post to document the experience (over two hours of writing). When I clicked save, somehow the whole thing got overwritten. I don’t think that I can bring myself to write it all again with all the flair and poetic drama.…

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Sep 18 2006

Walking into a glass sliding door

Walking into a glass sliding door can really take you by surprise. I mean you’re going about your business, and then you get smacked — unsuspectingly — smack dab in the middle of your face (read: brute force to nose). This is what happened to me last week. It’s no secret at this point that…

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Sep 13 2006

Just when you think you’re done

I’ve been taking pause to make sure that my “next post” would adequately capture the craziness of what’s going on with me right now. I was feeling guilty that I haven’t written in about a week. But tonight, the wait proved to be worth it.

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Sep 05 2006

Delight in surprises small and big

After my long weekend (three days) of my long first week (five days), I returned to work today. That’s a good first step. My first surprise today was the number of new students who decided to come to school. Maybe they missed the memo, advertisements on the radio, billboards, letters home, newspaper articles, etc., informing…

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Sep 03 2006

Taking a deep breath

I thought I knew what it mean to work hard at a job. I thought I knew what it meant to be wholly consumed by work in a fulfilling way. I thought I knew what it meant to be tired yet ready to start going again. I thought I knew what it meant to motivated.…

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Aug 29 2006

Two days down, many to go

I made through my first day. No issues. We did have a professional development session scheduled for the afternoon, which was a bit much for the first day. We didn’t get out until 4:30. Left the building at ~6:55. In addition to worrying about pulling off my first week in my science class (my primary…

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Aug 26 2006

A Race to the Beginning

A story in three parts. Act I: Last minute preparations School starts Monday. The list of things to do keeps changing. My stress level keeps rising. Act II: Oh yeah. That’s why I’m here Things at school seemed relatively smooth, too smooth. And then it happened… Act III: A systematic perspective As a science teacher,…

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Aug 23 2006

The classic bad dream

Today was the first day to report for work at our schools. I woke up at 7 a.m. on the dot. Plenty of time to shower and get ready (~15 min) and then check my email, etc. It’s my normal morning routine; I like going at a non-frenetic pace. I left my apartment at 8:06,…

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