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Who is A. Teacher?

I am A. Teacher in St. Louis, MO.

In 2006 I moved to St. Louis to begin my two-year commitment to teaching. I was planning on a quick in-and-out adventure.

I started out as a middle-school science teacher, then I was a high school physical science teacher, and then went back back to the middle school where I started.

Since starting, I’ve realized that I can’t just go on to something else and wait for change. I have to be the change agent. So, as of this moment, I’m still working on fixing education.

In an attempt to hide behind a thin veil of digital privacy, I leave out descriptions of activities and leadership roles that blatantly identify me to someone who doesn’t otherwise have access to my identity.

And just in case you missed the point of this site, I’m part of Teach For America, the national teacher corps who agrees to teach for 2 years in under-served communities across the U.S.

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