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Jul 01 2009

Today is the end

Today, July 1, I officially don’t work as a school teacher or with my district anymore. As such, this will be my last post onto this blog. That is a really weird statement to write for those that know me personally, as I have a certain fondness for

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Dec 08 2008

Academic stimulus plan

In a district with a $20+ million budget shortfall, I find the below not only nonsensical in terms of moving students forward toward making significant gains but just odd: Principals, Please convey the following information regarding the new Academic Stimulus Plan to your staff no later than Friday noon. It will be addressed in the…

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The polls are not yet closed in the West Coast states, yet it is more than apparent that our next president will be a black person. The candidate, his party and his views aside, it is an interesting moment to be an American. Though I was not alive at the time, I do have a…

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Nov 03 2008

Funny on an unfunny day

We were playing the pyramid game, which is essentially like the $30,000 Pyramid tv show, to review vocabulary from the last lesson which was part of their homework. Unfortunately, my students were woefully unprepared for the task. This of course was extremely frustrating as we prepare for another crash-and-burn quiz experience later this week. I…

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Oct 19 2008

Science notebooks changed my life

Science notebooks and notebooking can prove useful for secondary level students grades 5-12. It helps incorporate important science skills plus it keeps everything organized.

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Oct 19 2008

I &hearts

I know I post a lot about, but I feel it is my duty. I recently had another project funded through this amazing organization. It’s such a good example of what’s right about people and how, when given the chance, they’ll often times do good even for people they don’t know. If you’re reading…

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Oct 05 2008

Don’t forget to write

I admit that the text messaging and quick-fire emails in my life has allowed me to adjust to a significantly truncated style of communication in order to get through my days. But this week I was reminded three times the value of taking time to write. Retired and traveling

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Oct 04 2008

The only thing missing is the medals

Well, actually, I did give out medals, but they are pasted into students’ notebooks. This past week we capped off our horrendously tedious learning about metrics experience with a chance to actually use metric units. What does 58 cm really look like? Now my students have a better idea.

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Oct 02 2008

Bloggerific news about DonorsChoose

I love If you’ve never visited the site, please do. It allows anyone to directly impact a classroom of their choosing. Right now, DonorsChoose is running a blogger challenge. One of my projects was chosen by the popular blog TechCrunch to be featured in their challenge. This is certainly very exciting news. My project…

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Sep 01 2008

The teacher or leader dilemma

Heisenberg is known in science for his uncertainty principle. The more one knows about the location of an electron, the less one knows about the direction the electron is heading. The reverse holds true, as well. I have discovered a similar paradox in my teaching world, but unlike Heisenberg, I am not uncertain about anything.

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